Much more detail on how to participate and what will happen with your contributions can be found in this participation pack.

1) Describe the world you dream of.  

This could be a video (max 1 minute long), or audio recording, or another creative form, such as a drawing, a poem or even a photograph.

(see this Participation Pack for more detail)

2) Upload that recording or a file to the internet (Instructions for video in tutorial below)

3) Get on the map – send us an email to [email protected], telling us 3 things:  

– the link to YouTube/Soundcloud/file location
– your geographical location
– the name you would like on the map (or anon if you prefer)

4) Share your link with others, telling them it is a response to this video – and inviting them to join the conversation!

5) Remember to use #childrensfireG7 in the description and in all your social media posts and shares!



We invite you to kindle this fire in your life, work, relationships, decisions, actions and play and thereby become a beacon for the good of future generations.


Background: During the G7 Summit, we held a ceremonial Children’s Fire in West Cornwall, that was joined by fires across the globe.


Amplify this message on social media.

“What world are you dreaming of?”

Post…repost…like…share…add a heart…tag friends…message support…create your own post…forward this invitation…repeat…

Light your own Children’s Fire, (be it candle, fire or beacon)

Share your flame widely using #childrensfire & #childrensfireG7

It’s time for the world to UNITE in this heartfelt intention and for true leadership with integrity to emerge.  With YOUR help, we will work with the transformative power of fire to clearly project this simple message into the world.  

Let us embrace this age-old teaching, powered by humanity’s greatest power – our passion for life – as together, we ignite the children’s fire in the heart of ALL

Get Involved

Together let us imagine a more beautiful world and inspire each other, and in so doing tell the G7 leaders what is really important. 

The Children’s Fire.

We light this flame to symbolise 
The generations yet to rise 
Tomorrow’s children and today’s 
To give them voice to have their say

All nature’s children yet to birth
All citizens of future earth
All living beings next in line 
Quietly waiting for their time

To ride upon this spinning sphere 
To touch and taste and see and hear
The wonder and the majesty
All creatures of the land and sea

The boundless dancing energy
So, let us say that it is we 
Who will not the destroyers be
Of all of this astounding beauty  

Come, light a candle, light a flame
For those without a trace of blame 
That they in time may live to be 
Grateful for our legacy

-Murray Lachlan Young

We are seeking to platform the voices of ALL, especially the voices of young people,  as the generation closest to those yet to be born.  

Please share your dreams, hopes, vision for the future.  

Photos, text, direct to camera pieces, interviews with friends…. all welcome

post to the social media channels below using #ChildrensFireG7.

We cannot tire or give up. We owe it to the present and future generations of all species to rise up and walk!

– Wangaari Maathai